The Good Ending is a Doki Doki Literature Club mod that is just... holy fuck it's so good. Every DDLC fan (read: every reasonable human being) should play this. It's completely linear, but the story might be even more emotionally powerful than the original game. The premise is that the Dokis have experienced the horrible events of DDLC countless times with their memories wiped (my interpretation is that it happens again whenever a new person plays DDLC), But this time MC of all people manages to resist the mind wipe and knows that it's a game. He takes Monika's ability to tamper with the world and tries to make everyone happy. But his strategy is a naive and misguided one, and there's a threat he doesn't understand...

The mod boasts music from the Monika Before Story OST (which is amazing), and a lot of really interesting new poems.

Another really cool thing about this mod is the huge array of hidden and cryptic messages in the game's files - staying faithful to the original game, only perhaps making it even better. (Definitely keep an eye on the game directory while playing.) It goes as far as PGP encrypted files, vigenere ciphers, and also, the dreaded symbol "158"... What could it mean? I got goosebumps just thinking about this "158" after I finished the mod. That's how good a job it did.

I'll detail below all the secrets I've found in the game files. Most of them are under /game/mod_assets/animations/zxfip-m/.