Lord of the Rings is Trash

Lots of published novelists make broad claims about the way fiction should be (eg. all villains should have at least one redeeming trait), realize that Lord of the Rings doesn't meet that criterion, and then make up some stupid exception for it (eg. "but that was then, and this is now" - I've seen that one verbatim before). I'm sick of the unanimous praise for this story. Here are the reasons why it sucks:

Power doesn't corrupt you

Anvil dropping

Strawman evil


Why you should be an anarchist

It applies in the opposite direction too: can you name a single bad elf in the story? I can't. Also, it's a major plot point that hobbits are capable of resisting the Ring's corruption in a way humans cannot be. This kind of intrinsic relationship between race and morality is impossible because our moral inclinations have nothing to do with our biology, and ignoring that truth can only cultivate the same feelings of group identity and stereotyping that give rise to real-life bigotry.

Our moral inclinations have nothing to do with our biology

Magic systems


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