Mistborn review

Disclaimer: I've only read the original trilogy and part of the first book of the second trilogy.

Mistborn is a series of fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson that boasts some cool worldbuilding and probably the best and most creative magic system I've ever seen. The premise of the magic system is that cerain people can digest small bits of metal and then "burn" it for a magical effect depending on the metal. It has a strong plot and are well-written, and I would say the first book is quite good, but I would ultimately not recommend the series. The main reason is the endless bullshit morals in the second and third books. Still, the first book might be a worthwhile read, and I wouldn't blame you if after reading it you refuse to take my word that the next two are bad. I'll list all of the bullshit morals I'm complaining about (the rets of this article is heavy spoilers).

Morals in stories

Axiological retribution

Power doesn't corrupt you

Actually there was another more minor case of this in the end of book two when Vin decides to give up the power at the Well of Ascension, but I didn't make that a point here because the story gave that choice bad consequences so it didn't look like it was glorifying it (although I'm sure the writer meant to).

Why you should be an anarchist

Bad excuses for lying

This isn't exactly a *message* problem, more of a glory problem, but it was really disappointing that he had Vin kill Zane in the end of the second book. Zane was a likable cahracter and should've ended up joining them. He wasn't evil (at least, not nearly as much as other characters who ended up joining them, see above) and didn't deserve to used by the plot as a villain.

Glorifying a character

I also just want to mention that Atium is logically impossible because you can't know someone's decision before they've made it. It's not as bad as full-fledged time travel, though.

Stay away from time travel


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