Why I don't use BSD, or that cool underground minimalist Linux distro

The Ark

In my view, all existing mainstream systems - for a definition of 'mainstream' broad enough to include BSDs and the like - are burdened by design mistakes and historical artifacts at far too deep a level to fix, and should ultimately be succeeded by better-designed systems. There are two types of systems someone who believes this should consider using:

The ideal system slot is obviously not any BSD, or Linux, or anything else Unix-like. In my opinion the two reasonable candidates for it are 9front and RedoxOS.

The practical system slot needs to be something that can run all the software I need for my life and jobs without too much effort. Sadly, for me right now this includes Chromium, the Electron version of Element, Kubernetes and Eclipse Che, occasionally Zoom, and other nasty things. As such it should be a glibc system. I currently use Artix Linux for this (basically Arch with a choice of init system instead of systemd, and no other differences).

Burn Eclipse Che to the ground

So you see, systems like Alpine Linux, Carbs Linux, and FreeBSD just don't quite fit either category. I'm not interested in getting as close to my ideals as I can get within the chains of POSIX if it means I still often have to use something less ideal.


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