I've read a good bit of the FreeBSD source code for both the kernel and the base tools. There is one main thing about it that is bungled worse and more consistently than anything else in the software universe: nomenclature.

Here is some kernel threading code.

Kernel threading code

Yes. They literally named "kernel signal info" ksi.

And what the fuck is uap? That one, I don't even know what it stands for after seeing its type! Unclear argument pointer?

And our two struct thread pointers are named td and ttd? Why don't they abbreviate thread as thr? The function name and filename do. And uap should be called args.

There is only one sane variable name in this function.

Here's the beginning of the daemon(8) main function:

daemon(8) source

ppfh is not an excusable variable name under any circumstances.

I didn't cherry pick these. You can open almost any random file from /usr/src and see a mess like this.

How about some FreeBSD syscalls?

And some library functions?

Every aspect of the whole system is like this. For shell command names it's good because you have to type them all the time and rarely read them; for source code names it's terrible because you type them once or rarely and read them all the time.

It's like the FreeBSD devs haven't learned the value of readability when it comes to names, even though they've clearly learned it in other ways. No mortal can maintain code like this. No wonder there are thousands of open bug reports. No wonder there are so few developers. No wonder Unix is fringe.

I'm not trying to malign the contributions these hackers have made to the world. I benefit immeasurably from their work and they are obviously better qualified for the job than I am. But golly, I don't do that when I code.

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