I've always hated these website cookie cutter platforms, mostly for personal reasons because I'm an optimizer, a philosopher, an understander. I want control over my own stuff. Well in 2021/08 I took on a freelance gig that required me to work with Wix. I knew I'd hate it, but I figured I'd bludgeon through it. And I did. But hoooly shit, it's even way worse than I expected.

There is nothing right about Wix. It's a fractal of bad design, like PHP. I think the best way to summarize it is this: Every feature in Wix is a bespoke, stunted version of something you would have access to if you just used a VPS.

What about price? This is an interesting topic because when discouraging people from using these website cookie cutter platforms I usually admit that they would eliminate the price of a VPS. That's not true here: https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website

The cheapest plan is $14 per month. I pay just over $6 for all expenses for this website, both VPS and domain name. And that $14 doesn't include your domain except for the first year. Whereas a $5 per month VPS will give you about 15GB of storage, this gives you 3. It's also missing a bunch of features that you would have or be able to easily get for free with a VPS.

If you need a website, why not use Didact instead? You'll save money and get way more power. Didact also offers free user support, and unlike Wix support, I can be reached by email ;)

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