To use quantifier-type words like "always", "everywhere", "never", and "sometimes", use a quantifier prefix and a type suffix.

Quantifier prefixes

Type suffixes


I'm not a fan of phonetically, especially the double bilabial consonant pair in mɑpi. But m currently has a profile of more/most/majority and ɑ a profile of vastness.

Also, yes, I realize that these meanings can all already be reached using words like kim dji = all places, but I'm adding these two-letter compound versions for speed. I don't think it would work to just make these versions the normal ones, because of phonetic collisions and words like "case" probably won't/shouldn't be 1-syllable anyway.

Although actually, writing that I partially convinced myself I should look into that more. ki is currently taken and I think both words are well-chosen, but maybe I could change one of them, and do that for all the ones that would collide? Comment below if you have any thoughts.

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