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The adjective/noun distinction

I've written a lot about this in this comment and its subtree. In this below comment, I started to change my mind.


I need to deal with concepts of directness. In English, we often say things like "directly cause" drawing a relevant distinction between that and indirect causation. The distinctions are very important. I should probably have a different verb for that. I already spent zo, so maybe zyu?

Quantifier problems

I've discussed this one in the comments on quantifiers. I have no idea what a good approach is.

Unnecessary consent

I have the adverbs jo and mo to indicate consent and thereby talk about rights. But there's an ambiguity: if I steal and you whack me in the head to get your stuff back, there might be a sense in which you whacked me without my consent, but it doesn't carry the moral weight it normally does because I don't need to consent since I'm the one who stole. Maybe we need both pairs of words.

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