Yujiri's storytelling philosophy

If you feel like making objections to the tune of "that's just your opinion", see:

How to be an objectivist about art

Storytelling generals

Chapter 1 goals


Themes of a story


Magic systems

Sci-fi but everything is just like it is now

An attempt to define 'magic'


Strawman evil

Don't use philosopher characters to ridicule philosophy

The D&D alignment system is worthless

A couple of garbage, under-criticized tropes

Plots and plot events

Don't have POV characters lie to the audience

Foreshadowing: what, why, and how

Time skips and why they're dangerous

How to rescue a character without taking their agency

How to make good moral dilemmas (for characters)

On moral choices in games (for the player)

Stay away from time travel, please

Messages of a story

Messages: how do they work?

Character glory

Why representation matters

Sexist tropes

How to choose a character's gender if gender really doesn't/shouldn't matter

The Anarchist Storyteller's Dilemma

Story presentation

Portraying extreme emotions

Some advice on dialog

Action scenes in prose

Dialog practice: best and worst lines in Star Wars


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