A couple of garbage, under-criticized tropes

A couple of bad tropes I rarely see criticized.

Lethal training

A faction's training is "so intense that many cadets die". This is a bad trope because that could never happen on accident. Inherently dangerous training is one thing, but training that's lethal because it's "so intense" would never be a thing because you don't die quickly from "intensity". The commander must be seeing a cadet on the verge of death and deciding to keep pushing them knowing fully well it won't result in a soldier.

Offending examples:

The Fall of Reach

Mass Effect 2 (Asari Justicars)

Trauma or grief makes friends drift apart

So there was a band of four close friends, one of them died and that made the other three want to stop being together. Does that sound like how *people* work? Don't be ridiculous. Shared suffering is an extremely powerful bonding force.

Offending examples:

Doki Doki: Salvation, where it ruined the bad ending

Lost Odyssey, but at least this time it's in backstory and not really important


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