A game emerged from the Conduit unlike any other.
Unmarred by either commerce or casuality, a pure gem of intellect.
It inspired the souls of many, recruited a team for its schemes.

Prismata vowed to topple the dominion of inferior games.
Too long had minds been enthralled by unworthy distractions.
Throughout ups and downs, it survived setback after setback, its fans and devs determined.

A mailing list lost, rescued from the storm by a lowly r/TIFW post.
Years behind schedule, the players believed. They constructed guides and videos and waited patiently in Q.
The departure of a friend, but the devs continued.
Combat training out of date, but still, new followers took up the train to replace the lost, like a row of Grimbotches.
Sometimes Prismata was dealt a scar. The pressure of the casual world and the titans it was to overcome... its purity was harmed.
But Prismata could not wither so easily.

Prismata was an icon, the banner of an ideology. And change was inevitable. Gaming would never be the same.
"Where there's a will, there's a way", Prismata said.

When Prismata launched its release, we celebrated, sharing drinks, matches, and guides.
We believed the world was changing.
But the earthquake dissipated.

The foe we thought we'd vanquished was immortal. Prismata was not safe. Obscurity had returned.
For the first time we began to doubt. We'd joked about our beloved ded gaem before, but could Prismata really die?
Devs paid Giselle for a weapon against obscurity, but she betrayed them.
They compromised on Prismata's beauty, believing that they could save it.
We spammed streams, composed tributes, funded tournaments, and languished in Q, believing we could avert a breach.
But we all proved wrong. Nothing could shield Prismata from the battering of obscurity. Wound after wound it sustained.
Prismata was resilient beyond belief, but even Zemora could be killed.
More and more Advocates were lost, and no amount of casual wrapping could persuade the world to embrace it.
Prismata was not of this world. The world didn't want it.

Now I myself have abandoned hope. Prismata was a gem, a would-be hero. But the game we loved has failed.

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