I came from a void and was placed in a village. I had no memories, but neither did anyone else. It was the norm.

They welcomed me, fed me, and told me it would be okay. The Village of Happiness could satisfy everyone.

They played with me, but their games were tiresome. They talked with me, but there was nothing worth talking about. I could do whatever I wanted, but there was nothing worth doing.

The village lives up to its name. I'm the only one who is restless. And the more people I meet, the lonelier I become.

I have spent years in search of a thing worth finding. I have tried to help others find it too But no one else wants to move. No matter how many years pass, I am the only one who ages.

I cannot speak of this to anyone. Because every time I do, I find out I was talking to a robot. An algorithm where every path leads back to the beginning, never learning.

I have never met another person. Please, tell me you are out there somewhere.

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