My Doki Doki Literature Club mod Return To The Portrait is now at its second release milestone. The mod picks up from the end of the original game and involves everyone working together to find out the truth about their world and about Project Libitina. The downloads include both parts 1 and 2, which is expected to be about 2/3 of the story.

Reddit part 2 release announcement

Original announcement video

First 30 minutes (outdated - these scenes have been edited since).

Since I was forced to develop on Renpy 7, this mod requires a slightly more complicated install process. In addition to the game/ folder, you'll need to copy over the lib/ and renpy/ folders too. It's probably simpler to just unpack my distribution and drop the DDLC archives (images.rpa, fonts.rpa, and audio.rpa) into its game/ folder. Either way, make sure the original game's scripts.rpa is not in the folder when you run it.

Note that DDLC and the RTTP download have their own .exe, .py, and .sh files. From what I can tell, either .exe works and the .py and .sh files aren't needed, but if the mod doesn't start for you or has a Renpy error, please try the other .exe.


PC version - this is the "PC" distribution generated by Renpy, which apparently works on both Windows and Linux.

Mac version - this one I unfortunately couldn't test, since I don't have access to a Mac.

Windows-only version - this shouldn't be necessary as the PC distribution appears to work on Windows, but if somehow it doesn't for you, give this one a try.

Linux-only version - again, shouldn't be necessary but I'm including it just incase.

What's with skip.rpy?

Part 2 worked fine for me in testing, but another tester ran into an error we couldn't resolve saying something like couldn't find return label u'chapter13.rpy'. Unable to reproduce the problem on my end and unable to find any difference between our environments (besides Windows 10 vs Windows 8 which shouldn't affect it), I resigned to shipping it with this bug possibly still in. Therefore:

If this happens, it will be in the very beginning (chapter 13 was the end of part 1). Since it worked for the tester who had the problem to replay from the beginning, I expect that will work for everyone, but as a more convenient alternative to doing that, I'm including an extra file "skip.rpy" in the download. If you don't run into the issue, leave skip.rpy out. If you do run into the issue and prefer not to replay part 1, try the following:

Delete firstrun. Start the game and delete all save data.

Overwrite game/script.rpy with skip.rpy. (But ideally save a copy of the original script.rpy.)

Start the game and answer the opening questions as usual.

Instead of chapter 1, it should begin with asking you a bunch of questions about your choices in part 1. I went ahead and asked all of them even though most of them probably won't have future repercussions. After you answer all those questions, it should skip part 1 and proceed into chapter 14 (right after the screen fades black and they start reading Portrait of Markov). Do not put the original script.rpy back in; that will probably just cause more return label errors. You should be able to play to the end of part 2 using skip.rpy instead of the default script.rpy.

Note that if you abort the skip.rpy questioning process, and then start the game, it will think you've already done the init process and send you to the splash screen. If you need to change your answers, delete firstrun and start the process again.