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Return To The Portrait

Return To The Portait ending guide

There are three main endings: save Adam, save Libitina, or save neither.

Two choices affect whether they spare Adam. If you tell Monika "Maybe he'll end up following the same path as you" after the new game in the Portrait of Markov world, she talks the others into sparing Adam. If you don't do that, but during reading the Portrait of Markov book you tell the others that "There's no such thing as an unforgivable sin", then Sayori will be the first one to want to spare Adam, and she can talk Monika down with some lukewarm support from the others who were there.

Saving Libitina involves file tampering. When the game directory is being filled with `error-*.txt` files, a couple meaningful files will emerge, starting with `WTF.txt`. The third one contains the directions to save Libitina (given at the bottom of this page).

It's not possible to save both Adam and Libitina because if Libitina is alive, she can't be stopped from killing Adam.

If you make MC dislike you, he doesn't want you back in his head and so you end up following Renier instead for some of part 3. But this doesn't really change the ending, just a small change to MC's note.


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