Borders are not defensible

There are a lot of self-identified anarcho-capitalists who claim that while state borders are obviously illegitimate, open borders are worse while the state exists. I'm not sure if any of these people are in good faith at all, but incase, I'm going to rip apart the arguments I've heard for this anti-liberty, NAP-violating insanity.

Why you should be an anarchist

First, let's get this straight: state welfare and democracy are aggression, but immigrants are not aggressors. If a criminal declares they will steal from someone if you cross a line, crossing it does not make you a thief; that rule would have other nonsense implications. For example, if a slave driver punishes all the slaves because one of them resisted, surely the slave who resisted does not owe the others restitution.

Immigrants are your fellow victims of the state. Hell, they're victimized far worse than non-immigrants because of not only the threat of kidnapping and deportation but all the regulations and licensing make it incredibly difficult for immigrants to find work or do anything else. Those things relatively benefit non-immigrants by transferring opportunities from them to us.

Second, if receiving welfare makes it just for the victims of taxation to use state violence against you, then you should also believe in using violence any non-immigrants who receive welfare. I've never heard anyone support this absurd conclusion.

Third, opposing taxation is an argument *against* borders, because guess how the borders are funded?

Bordertarians also argue that immigrants are more likely to vote for increased tyranny. Again, this is inconsistent unless you also support violence against any American-born citizens who vote for increased tyranny.

Further, immigrants *do not increase the number of tax slaves*. They add one to the state they immigrate to, but they deprive their former state of one. Bordertarians always ignore this; they never turn their attention to the impact American policies have in other countries, because they are nationalists at bottom.

Finally, although I doubt anyone cares about this because paleolibertarians usually don't believe in proportionality of force, there is a proportionality of force argument against borders: the harm of being deported, possibly imprisoned and separated from one's family is orders of magnitude greater than the harm of being robbed a few extra cents.

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