I'm a programmer, writer, and philosopher of all things. I post all kinds of stuff here:

Didact - an anti-CMS that does the busywork without taking away your flexibility

Sanemark - a saner dialect of Markdown

Spem, the philosopher's conlang.

Protagonism - my "religion" if you could call it that.

Argument - insights on debating and the psychology of argument, arguments and rebuttal I've made, debunkings of random bad but popular ideas.

Software content - Unix and Python tutorials, reviews, programming philosophy and rants. Not actual software I've written.

Prismata content - I used to play this game devoutly, and wrote a lot of beginner guides and stuff.

Music - I used to make some, although I don't anymore.

Game design philosophy - many people think that different people enjoy different things and so all judgements of games are just than personal preferences, but I don't subscribe to that nihilism.

Storytelling philosophy

Reviews of games and stories

My works - DDLC mods and poems.

Theory - on ideal organization.

Commentary - on the particulars of the world.

Miscellany - Personal ramblings, stories, and secure contact info.

Friends - Some of my awesome friends have their own websites.

Recent update log

August 30: New: CrossCode review

August 4: New:

July 16: Huge progress on Spem! The demonstratives and quantifier-type compounds have been merged.

July 14: New: Celeste review

July 9: New: Cuphead review

June 20: New:

May 29: New: How to achieve performance variance

May 28: New: Depth comparison of a few rhythm games

April 24: New:

April 20: New: You're wrong to focus on privilege and oppression.

March 26: New: The Owl House review.

March 18: New:

March 12: New articles:

March 3: HUGE drumroll Didact is ready for use! And this website is now powered by it!

I feel so fulfilled! I finished a dream project with technologies I like!

February 27: Gee, it's been a while. New: Separate communication and notification.

January 31:

January 6: New:

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