I'm a programmer, writer, and philosopher of all things. I post all kinds of stuff here:

Didact - an anti-CMS that does the busywork without taking away your flexibility

Sanemark - a saner dialect of Markdown

Spem, the philosopher's conlang.

Protagonism - my "religion" if you could call it that.

Argument - insights on debating and the psychology of argument, arguments and rebuttal I've made, debunkings of random bad but popular ideas.

Software content - Unix and Python tutorials, reviews, programming philosophy and rants. Not actual software I've written.

Prismata content - I used to play this game devoutly, and wrote a lot of beginner guides and stuff.

Music - I used to make some, although I don't anymore.

Game design philosophy - many people think that different people enjoy different things and so all judgements of games are just than personal preferences, but I don't subscribe to that nihilism.

Storytelling philosophy

Reviews of games and stories

My works - DDLC mods and poems.

Miscellany - Personal ramblings, stories, and secure contact info.

I post programming stuff that's not appropriate for this site on dev.to, and DDLC content and a few random Python tutorial videos on Youtube.

This site wouldn't be what it is without my dedicated contributor main_gi. He's been my de-facto editor for a long time, helped me with CSS troubles, found two vulnerabilities in my comment feature, and even contributed valuable insight that got me to change some beliefs. His page is here.

Recent update log

October 23: New: Art Carden demonstrates Vulgar Libertarianism

October 14: My beliefs about transgenderism actually changed a while ago, but I didn't get around to editing my relevant articles until recently, partly because the issue is more nuanced than I thought when I wrote them and I had a harder time deciding exactly what they should say. But it's done now. See new version.

October 9: I actually removed the Gold spec, a draft for a hypothetical ideal programming language I'd posted. Since learning Rust, my ideas have changed a lot. Many ideas from Rust are much more attractive to me now: ownership and immutability by default, and monadic error handling instead of exceptions. Also, most of my ideas for Gold were things that have appeared in other languages, so if I want to describe what I want to see in a language, I could just list the names of the ideas, not write a spec.

Update: I also removed the anarchist memes. I'm proud of some of them, but a meme dump page didn't fit this site's purpose.

October 1: New: Self-aware sin.

September 31: New: Crystal review.

September 18: New: Notes on operating systems I've tried.

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