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This site wouldn't be what it is without my dedicated contributor main_gi. He's been my de-facto editor for a long time, has helped me with CSS troubles, found an embarrassing vulnerability in my comment feature, and even contributed valuable insight that got me to change some beliefs. His page is here.

Recent update log:

December 15: It's been a while since I posted normal articles, but today I've got two: Relativism Is Not Inconsistent and The Condescending Fake Intellectualism of Conservatives.

The Web Components move is coming. Today and yesterday I got a break from my job and managed to get a lot of progress on it. The site will look fancier, have a better authentication popup with non-misleading labels, and if all goes according to plan it'll land at the same time as the last major interface change I want to make before I start pushing for publicity.

RTTP is also coming! The script is completed, it just needs testing/debugging and some editing.

December 11: No content update, but I looked into the Web Components thing a bit and found out the build didn't have to be that big. I had it set to build for development, which made it way bigger. I've done some more exploring of Web Component building systems and I've found at least two promising options, so I'm back to being fairly sure I'll do the move. Just gotta do some more investigation to find out what the best solution is and then set aside a day for it.

December 8: I got banned from r/ShitStatistsSay for pointing out a double standard that holds children to have less rights than adults, and had a hilarious exchange with the moderators about it. I added details and screenshots to the relevant Protagonism article.

December 7: I spent a few hours tonight looking into my ambition to migrate to Lit-Element, but this time, I'm starting to think the dream is just a bust. I found a compiler solution using Webpack that only required me to install the one package (no Babel needed!)... with its >300 dependencies, of course. I actually started making components, but then I looked at the bundle.js being generated even with only using the one small library and two MWC components to make the theme switch better, and for some goddamn reason it was 14,000 lines. And that's without the sourcemap, without which I can't reasonably debug. So I decided you know what, that's not even worth it. Screw web components. Screw npm forever. I continued in the good old primitive ways and added the ability for me to delete comments from the web interface.

I'm also starting to hate Django more, since I found out today that apparently it swallows uncaught exceptions unless I specifically catch them and traceback.print_exc(). I didn't think it used to do that. Its admin interface is borderline useless since I can't filter or search objects at all, and today I found out it won't accept me creating an object if I don't put non-empty values in certain fields that don't have a non-empty constraint (doing it from psql worked). But the database management is still so valuable...

December 4: Today I finished and reviewed Jedi: Fallen Order, and posted a new Spem conlang article: The phonetic mapping, and Languages are not easier to learn as a kid.

Sigh... lastly, I've been reminded that I somehow forgot to note the addition of Spem conlang open question: variable dereferencing?.

December 3: I updated my article on the "What If Everyone" fallacy to add an example I encountered today. It was too gold to pass up.

November 29: I made a performance improvement: the server sends with each comment whether it has replies, so the browser doesn't have to make an extra request for each comment it loads that doesn't have replies.

November 27: On the Spem search page, you can now enter multiple space-separated words to display them all. Thanks to main_gi for the great suggestion :)

November 24: I changed how I do markdown processing so blockquotes in comments work now.

November 22: New article: Yes, Tyler Curtis, The Bystander Effect Exists.

November 21: New Spem post: Open question: Default identifiers. Input appreciated!

November 16: New article: Trying to change a living language.

November 15:

November 14: New Spem article: Questions. I'm still undecided on some aspects but I'm posting my thoughts. I've also added some content to the article on Should, and my retrospective of Final Fantasy 13's story. I'm glad I finally got this done. Also There is no history of philosophy, and There's no such thing as national debt.

November 13: New Spem conlang quickie: Verb objects. Also tons of new words. We're almost at 400 now :)

Something I'm considering is that opposites should always be sorted next to each other in search results. I could add a foreign key Opposite on the Word model that would enable that, but it would be a bit difficult to make it actually sort that way. Probably incur a performance hit. It'd also be a ton of work for me to go through all the words manually and tag their opposites, which I'd have to do. But if it's going to happen, better now than later. I'm just not sure if it is. I might need a different solution for sorting anyway. I don't like the "last modified at the top" sort I have now - it's good for seeing new stuff but I'd like to have an option to sort in a more reasonable way, like by advancement somehow.

November 12: New Spem conlang quickie: Should. It could use some feedback. I also added the voiced th to the alphabet. I don't like that sound and didn't want to use it, but last night I realized there are going to need to be a lot of nouns, and the extra letter will help a lot.

November 11: Dark mode switch added, as well as tons of progress on Spem and the button to hide this log (I figured it'd be useful on mobile).

November 10: I added the ability to set passwords for notification management.

November 9:

Notifications are here!

I haven't been this excited in a long time. I added the ability to opt-in to email notifications on comment replies! You enter your address and follow the link in the confirmation email to give your browser an auth cookie that lets you edit your subscription settings. There's still a lot I need to do, like schedule email sending in the background so posting a comment isn't delayed by it, allowing setting a username for your address so your comments can be authenticated, a way to view a subtree of the comments, and a bunch more, but I've been at this all day so I'm takin' a break.

Part of the reason I'm so excited is that not having this was one of the main things holding me back from going for publicity. I didn't want to make any big pushes if people might come here and leave a comment and then forget about it. In a few more days, when this feature is more polished, it might be time to go to the Backalley discord and start spreading the word about Spem, make a account where I mostly just mirror my anarchism-related articles, maybe debate Eso on metaphysics...

There's also a new article: Fighting over the keyboard.

I cleared two months of old update history, because recently I noticed how much scrolling that meant for mobile users to see the comments. Probably should have a button to hide the update log or something.

November 8: Two new articles: Worrying is not irrational and Disputed premise, not circular reasoning. I also revised my explanations of why it's impossible to rationally believe that consciousness is a product of matter and how sleep works.

November 7: Four new articles: Societal diagnosis: personal determinism; "Representation" - the worst argument for the legitimacy of government?; Nano Is A Good Editor; and What is 'magic'? An attempted answer.

November 6: There have been tons of new words added to Spem lately, including an expansion to the demonstratives. I also added my review of the Fish shell.

November 4: New article: ThErE aRe No HiStOrIcAl ExAmPlEs Of AnArChY

November 2: Well! After so much indecision I finally went ahead and migrated the backend to Django. We'll see how this goes. The comments and Spem dictionary shouldn't be messed up, but if they are that's why. The old version of the site is available at, so if the comments are broken, you could comment there to get my attention.

November 1: New Spem articles: Quickie: quantifier-type compounds, and Language design insight: the difference between verbs and adjectives. New pseudo-Protagonism article: How I left Catholicism.


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