Protagonism is a religion with no god, no holy books, no clergy, no prayers or rituals, nothing like that - only a morality. Protagonism is a religion for the restless. Many people ask what the meaning of life is, and Protagonism first and foremost provides an answer. But first, a bit of philosophy.

There are four prime positive feelings that can be experienced by souls: pleasure, happiness, fun, and what we call 'Fuiki' (pronounced like 'fight + key' - I had to invent a name for it because I've never seen a natural language with one). Fuiki is the feeling you get when you do good. So, all people spend their lives pursuing these four feelings with different priorities. The ones who pursue primarily Fuiki are called moralists. Protagonists are simply the subset of moralists who believe in this worldview, and our purpose is to always do whatever exhibits the most virtue (disclaimer: this does not mean I claim to be anything close to a perfect follower of my purpose, or even a reasonably good one, so please don't call me a hypocrite for spending so much time hanging out on meme subreddits and stuff every day).

So there it is. Now you know the Centerpiece of Protagonism. Once you read the list of virtues, you will understand all that is essential.