Protagonism: The Autodidactic Religion?

Most of the topics I write about can be considered philosophy, but here's where I post the ones about morals, metaphysics, and anything that would probably fall under "religion" if my ideology counts as that.

For a short-and-sweet label for my ideology, I've settled on "Protagonism". It isn't named after me, isn't easy to confuse with anything else, and isn't an outrageous attempt to co-opt an English word (like Ayn Rand's "Objectivism"). The story of the name is explained here:

What's a Protagonist?

My core beliefs:

There's no "why" in morality

A formal moral system

Notes on choice and morality

Pretty much everything below is just a corollary of the above. I don't consider the rest of it "part of Protagonism" so much as just the rejection of bogus ideas that are popular.


Why you should be an anarchist

Pragmatic downsides of government

Revolution is self-defense

Other essential morals

Exposing circumcision (not really a moral of mine so much as spreading awareness, but it's too important to not be on top.)

Is capitalism luck worship? And why you should believe in consent

An attempt at a complete formulation of the ethics of ownership

Of course the end justifies the means

On "moral conflict"

Children are not property

Myopias on violence

The loss of the concept of consent

The Enforcement Fallacy

Power doesn't corrupt you, idiot

Different forms of punishment and their pros and cons

Bad excuses for lying

Abortion is Difficult

Protagonist versus leftist ideas of bigotry

Age of consent is a correlated trait fallacy


The soul, what it is, and why it's the only thing that exists

Why I must be vegan

Anatomy of souls

Prime emotions

Psychiatry is pseudoscience

Letting go of gender

Media violence does not breed violence

Stockholm syndrome is human nature

How to be an objectivist about art

The Cosmic Slot Machine actually works...

Miscellaneous philosophy

Politics is a euphemism for morality

Normativity reduces and why being wrong makes you a bad person

The problem with the language of rights

To add rights is to subtract rights

A moral criticism of the Jedi

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