Most of the topics I write about can be considered philosophy, but here's where I post the ones about morals and metaphysics.

For a short-and-sweet label for my ideology, I've settled on "Protagonism". It isn't named after me, isn't easy to confuse with anything else, and isn't a ludicrous attempt to co-opt an English word (like Ayn Rand's "Objectivism"). The name comes from the sentiment that each person should be the protagonist of their own story and that making it a good story involves being a good person. (This is not, of course, a moral tenet, I called it a "sentiment" for a reason.)

My core beliefs are here:

There's no "why" in morality

The moral system

Notes on choice and morality

Pretty much everything below is just a corollary of the above. I don't consider the rest of it "part of Protagonism" so much as just the rejection of bogus ideas that are popular, but I need to say them because most people won't notice when they hold contradictory beliefs unless someone points it out to them. (And also because most of the below doesn't depend on Protagonist axiology.) I probably need to reorganize these categories a bit, but I"m not yet sure how.