Protagonism is a religion with no god, no holy books, no clergy or leaders, no prayers or rituals; only a moral system and a few philosophical tenets. The centerpiece of the religion is not a belief at all, but a choice: the choice to follow your conscience instead of believing something just because you were raised to or because it's an established belief set with a large following.

You probably either think you've already left behind whatever you were indoctrinated with as a child or that I that I sound insane. In the former case I can only beg you to read a few of my articles and ask yourself if it might not be a coincidence that the areas you disagree with me are probably the ones where you still believe what you were raised to.

The religion's name comes from the sentiment that each person should be the protagonist of their own story and that making it a good one involves being a good person.

The core beliefs are here:

Pretty much everything below is a corollary of the above. I don't consider the rest of it "part of Protagonism" so much as just the rejection of bogus ideas that are popular.


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