Besides the horrible abuse of children that passes as civilized, there are other, less obvious - and seemingly contrasting - problems with how they're raised. The whole notion of "sheltering" children does more harm than good in almost every form.

Child labor laws are the epitome of a terribly perverse idea. There might as well be a law against educating your children. "Labor" is a dirty-sounding word for "getting valuable experience by getting paid to provide value to someone so that everyone is happier".

"Yujiri supports child labor! He thinks children should have to work for their dinner!"

That's an example of another very common fallacy in statist rhetoric: inability to distinguish between letting someone do something and making someone do something. (There's also a tier inbetween them: encouraging, which is meaningfully different from both.) Child labor is not child slavery or abuse, any more than adult labor is adult slavery. Forced child labor is child slavery. Laws against child labor mean forcing them not to do it, which is really also slavery as it means using violence to control someone else's life choices.

"Work" is essential to personal growth. Nature isn't a paradise, and one of the most harmful things a parent can do for their child is to not teach them this truth until they figure it out for themselves. It's better that they start acquiring skills and experience as soon as they're able. It might not be a comfortable truth, and it might not be what their parents want to tell them or what they want to hear, but it's the truth, and they won't end up successful if their parents neglect to prepare them for adulthood.

As someone who never really worked until I was sixteen, it's my biggest regret. My parents required almost nothing of me, and as a result I see my first sixteen years as almost entirely a waste. I squandered the great majority of it on games. Don't cripple your children. Don't teach them to feel no duty to learn any skills when you know the truth: the longer they wait, the farther behind they'll be.

Purely recreational activities can have a place, but a life - especially in the years from ten to twenty - without learning or accomplishing something significant every day is truly a wasted life.

Childhood is supposed to be a training period. A time for a person to learn about the world and gain wisdom without facing severe consequences for bad decisions. Also a time to learn to respect other people, and having others provide everything you need and expect little or nothing of you even once you're capable of providing significant value in return, as ten-year-olds are, is training to be a selfish and entitled person.

Besides the opposition to child labor, other instances of age-gating are also wrong and harmful:

And stop fucking using the word "minor". People who have been on the Earth for less than 18 years are not "minor" people. And no it's not "just a word"; it matters what words we use for things, because that influences our ideographic perception of the concept.

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