Intuit has shitty software engineering

Intuit is a company that provides financial and business management software. They're a hundred-billion-dollar company, so you'd expect them to be kinda competent, right?

I've had the displeasure of having to work with Intuit for employment: one job that involved me developing a web service that integrates with Intuit services and another that required me to use it to get paid. This isn't very formal or scientific, but I just want to chronicle just some of the frustrations and appalling incompetence I've run into.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop

One time when I had to sign into my dev copy of QuickBooks Desktop to investigate a bug for a customer, it made me *sign in to an Intuit account*, which had never happened before. The one it expected me to use was an old account. And the verification options were my phone number or an old email address I don't have access to anymore.

So I did the phone one. I entered their code. Then it asked me for email anyway! Fuckers!

So I tried to sign into a different, more recent Intuit account instead. It bugged me again about "verify your phone number (optional)", and I thought I'd do it this time just to get one less screen every time I sign in. So I got the code, but their form wouldn't let me enter it! All the widgets were disabled.

Oh and did you know QuickBooks actually uses an embedded Internet Explorer for this stuff?!??!? When i entered the account password it was like "do you want Internet Explorer to remember this password?!?"

I swear, you guys are worse than Microsoft!

Web Connector

Web Connector is a thing Intuit makes to allow integrating web services with QuickBooks Desktop. And oh my god, the amount of problems I've had with it.



*Download a separate program to fix their broken shit.*

And what does CP3 stand for? Who the fuck knows. Just boycott Intuit.


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