Yujiri's software index

These articles are aimed at a variety of knowledge levels. I post some tutorials and some stuff aimed at fellow programmers.

My sourcehut

My github

Computing tutorials

Reasons to become tech-literate

Good video explanation of binary

Unix and Internet Fundamentals - despite the name, most of this stuff is not specific to Unix or Linux. Also, the document is very old so some of the details are outdated.

Intro to executables, assembly and programming languages

HTMLDog's HTML, CSS, and Javascript tutorials - the HTML and CSS ones are easily the best tutorials out there. The Javascript one is decent; I'm not aware of any better ones.

What goes into a website and how to make one

Linux tutorials

Use Linux

Python tutorials

These are old, and were not well thought out. I might write a new programming tutorial someday.

Lesson 1: From zero to calculator

Lesson 2: Flow control

Lesson 3: Sequences

Lesson 4: Mutable types

Lesson 5: Functions

Lesson 6: Exceptions and IO

Lesson 7: Classes

Lesson 8: Extras

General programming tutorials

(very WIP) Learn programming for good instead of profit

The below articles may be integrated into the new WIP later.

Why readability is important

An overview of programming paradigms

Programming philosophy

Specifications are contravariant

Objectivism in software

Don't negotiate with bad software

Unenforceable features

Why most unit testing is waste

Language design

Enforced privacy is stupid

Against variable declarations

Why do all the dynamic languages catch name errors by default?

Including library code in stack traces

Interpretation is a sin

Subtle benefits of static typing

Why I don't believe in pure functional programming anymore

Braceless body in semicolon languages is bad design








PHP: a fractal of bad design (Eevee article)




Eclipse Che

Industry and ecosystem talk

Forgot Password Considered Harmful

Stop with the arbitrary restrictions on passwords

Please exit the top menu cult

Fighting over the keyboard

Stop trying to take the user's choice

You do harm by creating alternatives

I hate caching

Has your favorite tool actually saved more time than it's costed?

Build systems are a scourge

The Web is Evil

PDF must die

Against C

Intuit has shitty software engineering

The Ark

We have done wrong by fleeing from operating systems

XML is bad

Gemini is kinda bad

Tidbits and misc

Empty comparisons

Breadth-first versus depth-first autocompletion

I hate Windows because Windows hates me

The six dumbest ideas in computer security? 🤔


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