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MC's Revenge

MC's Revenge is a fan work I made for Doki Doki Literature Club. The project was started by Firelightning13, abandoned by him, and I continued it with permission.

Firelightning13's original repository

The premise is that starting with Act 2, MC starts to become meta-aware like Monika, seeing the graphical glitches and everything. He doesn't yet realize what's happening or remember Act 1, but he might, depending on your choices.


Installation is the same as most mods: extract the zip file and drop everything into the /game/ directory of a normal DDLC installation. You might have to delete 'firstrun' inside the folder too. Credits are distributed with the download, in 'credits.txt'.

Ending guide (spoilers)


I made this during 2019. After I played my first few DDLC mods, I spent a few months considering making one, but when I played the MCR demo, I thought it was exactly the premise I wanted to do. So I looked around and found the offer to continue it and applied.

Looking back on my work now, I have some self-criticisms:


But despite them, I'm still pretty proud of MC's Revenge.

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