Yujiri's Doki Doki Literature Club fan works

Doki Doki Literature Club had such a big impact on me that it was the only story I ever wrote fanfiction for, and I wrote a good bit of it back in 2019-2020. Keep in mind I've gotten a lot wiser since then and current me wouldn't have written everything the way I did back then (read: don't send me criticism. I cringe too at some parts of these). But enough people liked them that I couldn't just stop hosting them.

MC's Revenge (visual novel)

Return To The Portrait (visual novel)

The Bright Raincloud (poem)

A Glimmer of Sunshine (video)

Doki Doki Programming Club, episode 1 (video)

Doki Doki Programming Club, episode 2 (video)

Doki Doki Programming Club, episode 3 (video)

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