Artistic writing

The Bright Raincloud

There once was a Raincloud that sent no rain,

Instead it cast sunlight on the earth;

Though the storm urged it to follow, the sun was dark and the wind was cold,

The Raincloud held it in and gave away the rays of light it did not have.

It absorbed the few moments of sun each morning,

Before the storm began for the day;

It would shine these rays until evening,

Holding in the rain.

The workers below were oblivious,

Its rays they took for granted;

Blind to the rain inside,

Not once did they assist.

The storm grew fiercer and the rain inside the Raincloud heavier,

Yet it stayed strong and cared for those below;

It awaited the sun,

Asking only a moment's sustenance.

But one day the sun never rose.

The Raincloud waited patiently,




All through the day and night,

Shining its last ray.

The day after that, the sun never rose.

At last The Bright Raincloud was no more,

and the workers below were destroyed by the storm.

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