Yujiri's game design rants


Roles of games

The Meaning of Depth

Brute-force skills

Why you shouldn't have persistent consequences for failure

Cheap difficulty

Stop making excuses for trial and error

Forking player interests

How to save progress

No, a little bit of randomness is not okay

Ancillary benefits of simplicity


How to create variety in a deterministic game

Healing in action games

Pros and cons of game modes in PvP shooters

Don't interrupt the game

How to mitigate the bore of waiting in turn-based games

The importance of turn timers

The harm of obvious choices

Feedback loops

How JRPGs can do better: Bowser's Inside Story

How JRPGs can do better: Every Mario RPG (main_gi guest article)

Why forcing the player can be good

Damage formulas (terepy guest article)

How to create performance variance

Why I don't like combos in rhythm games

Depth comparison of a few rhythm games

Non-game mechanics

Difficulty settings

The right way to do queue settings

The wisdom of Prismata's emote system

Some insight on the trash heap that is AAA video games

The misguided use of statistics as an indication of game balance

Final Fantasy 13: story games gone wrong

Why Geometry Dash is addicting


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