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2024-01-10 - Passwords are good

2024-01-08 - Game genres I like

2023-12-07 - Tevi review

2023-11-23 - Controlling learnability in action games

2023-11-05 - The Dark Souls bloodstain system SUCKS

2023-11-05 - Stop doing experience

2023-10-07 - Sundered review

2023-10-07 - Cave Story review

2023-10-06 - Difficulty Settings are good!

2023-09-19 - Ghost Song review

2023-09-18 - Game genres I don't like

2023-09-01 - Blasphemous review

2023-08-30 - Antichamber review

2023-08-18 - FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch review

2023-07-23 - Ori and the Blind Forest review

2023-06-28 - Historical note on Unix, POSIX, and Linux

2023-06-03 - The Unix permission system

2023-06-03 - Filesystem concepts

2023-05-12 - Political speech is not free speech

2023-05-12 - Hello Fresh is stupid

2023-04-04 - What I want in a programming language

2023-04-02 - How computers store text

I wrote a small Python script that generates my RSS feeds from this page. It might be useful to you too, but since it's so small, instead of putting it in a git repository, I just host it here:


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